PADI to PSAI Instructor Cross over Qualification Course (ICQ)

PADI to PSAI Instructor Cross over Qualification Course (ICQ)

£ 750

Norwich, UK

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Minimum age: 18
Norwich, UK
Max. group size: 2
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Minimum booking size: 1
£ 750

Activity Highlights:

The Professional Scuba Association International (PSAI) Instructor Qualification Courses (IQC) offer a structured pathway for divers who aspire to become PSAI Instructors who already have instructor qualifications from another agency such as PADI or SSI. These courses are tailored to develop and assess the instructional competencies of candidates, enabling them to teach at various diver levels.

Key Details

  • Course Structure: The PSAI Instructor Qualification Course (IQC) is a rigorous program designed to evaluate and certify instructors at different diving levels. The duration varies, with longer durations for more advanced levels. Each course level is taught separately to maintain focus and depth.
  • Curriculum Requirements: The IQC focuses on evaluating the candidate’s ability to convey subject matter appropriate to the desired level effectively. It includes reviewing the fundamentals of instruction but does not completely revisit all material from the diver level course.
  • Course Completion Steps: The course includes paperwork and administrative review, timed written examinations (both diver and instructor levels), equipment configuration and setup evaluation, open water dives for skill and instructional evaluation, academic lesson presentations, and final evaluations.

Course Content

  • Classroom Work: Candidates must complete a minimum of two lecture presentations, along with corresponding written examinations. This typically requires 3 to 4 hours and tests both fundamental and advanced understanding of diving concepts.
  • Confined Water Demonstrations: Specific demonstrations in confined water settings are required, the duration of which varies but is sufficient for a complete evaluation of instructional competence.
  • Open Water Demonstrations: Two open water dives are mandatory, including a normal dive to assess the candidate’s diving competence and a second dive where the candidate functions as the instructor, providing a briefing for a dive relevant to the level pursued.


  • Age Requirement: Candidates must be at least 18 years old.
  • Certification Requirements: Candidates must already be certified as instructors at the level listed in the specific IQC’s prerequisites.
  • Completion of the diver level course at the level sought in the IQC is mandatory.
  • Experience Requirements: Candidates must possess the minimum diving and instructional experience required for the specific IQC.
  • Equipment for Technical Levels: For Technical Level IQCs, candidates must have at least one functional oxygen analyser for measuring diving gas cylinders. All equipment used should be appropriately cleaned, labelled, and rigged as required for the level of certification sought.
  • Open Circuit SCUBA: Except for Rebreather IQCs and side-mount courses, the in-water portions of all IQCs are conducted using Open Circuit SCUBA.

These comprehensive prerequisites and course contents ensure that PSAI IQC candidates are well-prepared and qualified to uphold the high standards of PSAI Professional Educators in various diving environments and situations.


Courses are conducted throughout the year at various locations, offering flexibility and accessibility for candidates.

Why Choose PSAI IQC?

  • Professional Development: The IQC is an excellent opportunity for divers looking to advance to instructional roles in the diving industry.
  • Comprehensive Training: Emphasis on both theoretical knowledge and practical skills ensures well-rounded instructor development.
  • Reputation: PSAI is renowned for its high standards and quality education in the scuba diving community.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise in Diving Education: Our program is led by Scott, an experienced PSAI Instructor Trainer who brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights.
  • High-Quality Training Standards: We adhere to PSAI’s rigorous standards, ensuring you receive top-tier education that is globally recognised. Our comprehensive approach to training encompasses both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
  • Personalised Attention: We maintain small class sizes to ensure personalised attention for each candidate. This approach allows for tailored guidance and feedback, enhancing your learning experience.
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What's Included:

  • PSAI Diver Manual and Instructor Guide for the desired level.
  • Instructional Support Materials, including PowerPoint Presentations.
  • PSAI Standards and Procedures documents.
  • Students can borrow equipment use for technical level IQCs, including oxygen analyzers.

What's Not Included:

  • Personal diving gear and specific equipment for different levels.
  • Travel and accommodation for attending the course.
  • Dive site entry fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

PSAI IQC stands out due to its rigorous standards and comprehensive curriculum. It emphasizes not just on diving skills but also on the ability to teach effectively. The course is structured to cover both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in varied diving environments. Additionally, PSAI’s global recognition ensures that the certification you receive is respected worldwide, opening up more opportunities in the diving industry.

Eligibility for the PSAI IQC requires you to be at least 18 years old and to have an instructor-level certification in the specific level you wish to teach. You also need to have completed the corresponding diver level course. Furthermore, you must possess the necessary diving and instructional experience specific to the IQC you’re enrolling in.

PSAI is committed to the continuous development of its instructors. Post-certification, you’ll have access to a range of resources and ongoing training opportunities to keep your skills and knowledge up to date with the latest developments in the diving industry. This includes updates on diving standards, new teaching methodologies, and access to a network of experienced diving professionals for advice and support.

We run these courses on demand so submit a booking request below and we can agree a date that works for both parties.

How it works: 

  1. Make a booking.
  2. The centre will accept your booking, usually within an hour or two.
  3. Pay for the booking to confirm it.

If you have specific questions, please put them in the comments section, and the centre will answer before you pay.

If something isn't right or if there are no dates available, then send us a message in the live chat.

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