Intro to Rebreather Diving

Intro to Rebreather Diving

£ 150

Oakley, Basingstoke

Intermediate & Advanced
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Minimum age: 18
Oakley, Basingstoke
Max. group size: 1
Cancellation: Custom
Minimum booking size: 1
Start time(s): 09:00, 11:00, 13:00
Duration: 4 hours
£ 150

Activity Highlights:

We close our pool for winter but open up again in March

Ready to take your scuba diving to the next level? Dive into the fascinating realm of rebreather diving with our Intro to Rebreather course! Offering a whole new level of underwater exploration, rebreather diving is a tech-savvy way to experience the deep blue like never before—silent, immersive, and incredibly marine life-friendly.

Key Details

  • Course Duration: 4 hours
  • Age Requirement: 18 years and older
  • Prerequisites: Advanced Open Water or equivalent and Nitrox certification
  • Price: £150

What is Rebreather Diving?

Rebreather diving is a type of scuba diving that uses a rebreather system, rather than traditional open-circuit scuba tanks, to recycle exhaled gas. In a rebreather, the exhaled air is captured and processed to remove carbon dioxide. The remaining oxygen is then mixed with a small amount of fresh gas to maintain an optimal breathing mix, and returned to the diver for inhalation. This process is more efficient than traditional scuba diving, which releases the exhaled air into the water.

Benefits of Rebreather Diving:

  1. Longer Dive Times: Because you’re recycling your air, you can often stay down longer without requiring a refill.
  2. Silent Diving: Unlike open-circuit diving, which releases bubbles, rebreather diving is virtually silent, allowing for closer encounters with marine life.
  3. Optimal Gas Mix: The rebreather can provide an optimised gas mix at varying depths, allowing for more efficient gas consumption and potentially safer decompression.
  4. Less Buoyancy Variation: Because you’re not expelling air into the water, your buoyancy levels are more consistent throughout the dive.
  5. Reduced Gas Consumption: For the same dive time and depth, you’ll generally use less gas than you would with open-circuit diving, which can be beneficial on extended or deep dives.

Course Breakdown

Morning Session: Classroom Theory

  1. Introduction to Rebreathers: A comprehensive look at what rebreathers are, their components, and their remarkable benefits—think longer dive times and increased marine life encounters!
  2. Safety Procedures and Emergency Protocols: We’ll cover essential safety measures, from pre-dive checks to emergency situations.
  3. Rebreather Assembly and Maintenance: Get hands-on experience in putting together and caring for a rebreather unit.

Afternoon Session: Confined Water (Pool) Dive

  1. Rebreather Setup: Learn the ropes of setting up your rebreather under professional guidance.
  2. Underwater Skills: Practice crucial skills like breathing techniques, buoyancy control, and emergency procedures.
  3. Post-Dive Procedures: Wrap up with how to clean, maintain, and store your rebreather safely.


Nestled in the Hampshire countryside, we’re conveniently located close to London and the neighboring towns of Basingstoke, Newbury, and Winchester, and just 5 minutes from the M3. You will be sent a full address and postcode upon booking.


  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Hold an Advanced Open Water certificate or equivalent
  • Must have Nitrox certification

Why Choose Us?

This course is taught by Simon, founder, owner and accomplished TDI Instructor Trainer. You are in safe hands with Simon: IANTD Advanced Trimix instructor, TDI Trimix Instructor Trainer, TDI advanced wreck instructor, CCR Trimix Cave diver, a PADI course Director and DSAT Trimix Instructor Trainer. Specialist JJ-CCR advanced Trimix Instructor. Dive Experience, resort owner for 32 years with over 10,000 dives. 300 + dives deeper than 100 m, 5,000+ diver certifications.

Our company boasts over 15 years as a TDI technical facility. Our staff includes two instructor trainers, two technical instructors, and one technical guide. We wholeheartedly embrace TDI’s philosophy of maintaining high levels of professionalism, standards, and safety. Simon, the founder, is a seasoned professional and an expert in technical diving, ensuring you’re in the most capable hands.

Our course provides the perfect starting point for your journey into technical diving. So why wait? Come dive into the future with us!

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What's Included:

  • Expert instruction by our founder Simon, a seasoned TDI Instructor Trainer with over 10,000 dives to his name
  • All equipment, including a JJ CCR unit for hands-on practice
  • Classroom theory session and confined water dive

What's Not Included:

  • Personal dive insurance
  • Transportation to and from the dive centre


Car parking available
Changing rooms available
Free Wi-Fi

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is designed for certified divers who want to explore new diving technologies. Participants should be at least 18 years old.

A rebreather is a type of scuba equipment that recycles the gas you breathe by removing the carbon dioxide and adding used oxygen, which allows for longer dives and more interaction with wildlife.

The course takes 1/2 day, which includes both the classroom and pool session.

The Introductory Rebreather Experience is a try-dive, not a certification course. If you’re interested in becoming a certified rebreather diver, you can enroll in a Rebreather Diver course after completing this introductory experience.

Rebreather diving is quieter than open-circuit diving, which can lead to more wildlife encounters. It also allows for longer dive times and uses gas more efficiently.

How it works: 

  1. Make a booking.
  2. The centre will accept your booking, usually within an hour or two.
  3. Pay for the booking to confirm it.

If you have specific questions, please put them in the comments section, and the centre will answer before you pay.

If something isn't right or if there are no dates available, then send us a message in the live chat.

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Custom Cancellation Policy

- You can cancel until 5 days before your booking for a refund of 85%. We retain 15% to cover our costs of registration for the e-learning.

- If you cancel after that, you’ll pay 50% up to 48 hours beforehand and the full amount after 48 hours.