Famous Paragliding Influencers - People Who Are Defining the Sport

Famous Paragliding Legends – People Who Define the Sport

Paragliding, an exciting adventure sport where calm flight meets thrilling acrobatics. This sport is driven by the pioneers and adventurers who pushed it’s limits – from earliest innovators to today’s global influencers and record-setters. 

The Innovators of Paragliding

A few early innovators helped shape paragliding into sport it is today. They experimented with parachutes and gliders, looking for a way to fly that was simple, safe and exciting. Through experiments and innovations, they turned their dreams into reality.

David Barish – The Father of Slope Soaring

In the 1960s, he developed the “sail wing,” originally designed for recovering space capsules. Recognizing its potential for recreational use, he made a historic flight from a ski slope in 1965. The event is considered the first true attempt to paraglide.

Domina Jalbert – Master of the Parafoil

Domina invented the parafoil, which improved stability and control in the fabric wings used in paragliding. His design, which included multiple cells, improved how paragliders handled in the air. Jalbert’s innovations impacted not only paragliding but also parachuting and kite technology.

Jean-Claude Bétemps, André Bohn, and Gérard Bosson – From Parachuting to Paragliding

In the 1970s, these three friends began using parachutes for gliding down mountains (the Alps) rather than simply descending by parachute. They modified traditional parachutes to make them more suitable for gliding. Eventually, the term “parapente” (slope parachute) was created and became the standard term for the sport.

Mike Meier and Bill Moyes – Pioneers of Competitive Paragliding

Mike and Bill played a significant role in turning paragliding into a competitive sport. They organized some of the first competitions, pushing the limits of what paragliders could achieve and fostering a community of flying enthusiasts.


Cultural Influencers in Paragliding

Paragliding is a sport enjoyed worldwide, mainly due to key individuals who introduced it to new regions and tailored it to fit local cultures. This approach has helped make paragliding popular globally.

Avi Malik – India

In the early 1990s, adventure sports were new and not widely accepted. To improve this in India, Malik focused on education, clarifying misconceptions, and prioritizing safety to follow international standards. These efforts created a strong community of pilots and adventure seekers who formed close bonds through their shared experiences. As the co-founder of Temple Pilots Paragliding School, Malik has trained many pilots, emphasizing safety and international standards. It significantly improved the community’s growth. Malik holds several prestigious certifications in the sport, including APPI Master Instructor.

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier – France

Chandelier has been crucial in promoting paragliding. A talented paraglider and filmmaker, Chandelier’s engaging videos and documentaries show the sport’s beauty and excitement. His goal is to motivate others to attempt paragliding and presents it as a form of art. The influence reaches far beyond France, helping the sport’s global image as a thrilling adventure and a graceful expression of flight.

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Against All Odds – Real Life Paragliding Stories

Paragliding is a sport that draws people from various backgrounds, including those who have overcome significant personal challenges. Here are inspiring stories of paragliders who turned adversity into triumph:

Lonnie Bissonnette – The Paraplegic Paraglider

Despite becoming paraplegic from a BASE jumping accident, Lonnie Bissonnette didn’t give up on aerial sports. He modified his equipment to fit his wheelchair and continued to excel in paragliding and other extreme sports. His determination and resilience have made him a respected icon in the paragliding community and an inspiration to many.

Philippe Pozzo di Borgo – Resilience in Flight

Philippe demonstrated incredible resilience in his life. Paralyzed from a paragliding accident in 1993, Philippe returned to the skies, showing that he wouldn’t allow his disability to limit his passion for flying. His life inspired the film “The Intouchables” and later “The Upside“. His story shows his love for paragliding and serves as a powerful inspiration, demonstrating that the skies are still within reach despite life’s hurdles.

Ewa Wiśnierska – Miraculous Survival

Ewa is a competitive paraglider who survived a near-fatal encounter with severe weather. While training in Australia, she was caught in a thunderstorm that sucked her up to an altitude of 10,000 meters (32,800 feet), exposing her to extreme cold and low oxygen levels. Despite losing consciousness, she miraculously survived and landed safely. Ewa continued to pursue competitive paragliding after her recovery. Her determination is an inspiring example of willpower and strength even in such hardship.

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A Woman’s Sky: Female Paragliding Icons

Despite being a male-dominated sport, female paragliders have achieved incredible milestones and inspired a new generation of women to soar. 

Ewa Wiśnierska – The Record-Breaker

As mentioned earlier, Ewa made headlines in 2007 when she survived a severe thunderstorm and hailstorm while flying over the Australian outback. She reached an altitude of 10,000 meters, setting a remarkable record. Her resilience and skills have encouraged many women to pursue paragliding.

Klaudia Bulgakow – The World Champion

Klaudia, a Polish paraglider, earned recognition for her multiple World Cup victories. Her success in competitive paragliding has proven that gender does not define skill or achievement.

Veronika Stampfl – European Record Holder

On June 19, 2022, Slovenian Veronika set a new European record by flying a triangular 50 km course at a speed of 30.46 km/h, surpassing the previous record by over 8 km/h.

Judy Leden – The Record-Setting Pioneer

Judy, a British pilot, has set multiple distance and altitude records in both paragliding and hang gliding. Her achievements include a world record for hang gliders, flying from a balloon to over 12,000 meters. Leden has also been a significant advocate for the sport, participating in various educational initiatives to encourage more women to take to the skies.

These women excelled in the sport and broke through gender norms and physical challenges. Their achievements and passion for paragliding continue to inspire women to reach for the skies, proving that determination can make any dream possible.

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Legends of Paragliding

In addition to the pioneers’ previously mentioned, these individuals have also contributed to paragliding through their achievements, innovations, and dedication.

Jean-Claude Betemps – The Pioneer

Jean-Claude made significant contributions to the sport’s development. In addition to his contribution in the early 1970s in the Alps, he continued to improve the sport. His landmark flight in 1978, where he was towed by a car while on a hang glider, laid the groundwork for modern paragliding. Jean’s innovations and passion for flying are inspiring pilots even decades later.

Jocky Sanderson – The Mentor

Jocky is celebrated for his flying skills and his role in paragliding education. He developed innovative training techniques that have transformed how pilots are trained globally, improving both their skills and safety.

Bruce Goldsmith – The Innovator

Bruce has combined his experience as a top-level pilot with his skills as a designer to create advanced paragliding equipment. His company, Bruce Goldsmith Design (BGD), is known for its high-performance wings and harnesses that improved the sport’s safety and accessibility.

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Extraordinary Paragliders

In the world of paragliding, some pilots stand out for their incredible achievements and daring spirit. These paragliders push the limits of what’s possible, leading to inspiration and admiration.

Chrigel Maurer – The Endurance Athlete

Chrigel is recognized for his stamina and strategic skills in the Red Bull X-Alps, one of the toughest endurance competitions in paragliding. He has won multiple editions of the event, displaying his ability to navigate challenging terrains.

Felix Baumgartner – The Daredevil

An Austrian skydiver known for his record-breaking jump from the stratosphere who also excels in paragliding. His adventurous spirit led him to significant achievements like flying a paraglider across the English Channel. Felix’s bravery and drive to challenge boundaries have made him an influential figure in aerial sports.

Pal Takats – The Aerobatics Pro

Hungarian paraglider Pal is known for his exceptional aerobatic skills. He has won multiple world championships, using complex aerial maneuvers. Takats has pushed aerobatic paragliding to new levels with his precision and creativity.

Will Gadd – The Adventurer

Will, a Canadian adventurer, is known for his daring journeys, from ice climbing to paragliding through extreme terrains. Gadd’s passion for exploring challenging environments has led him to some of the most forbidding places on Earth, continuously exploring new limits in adventure sports. His bold approach and hunt for new challenges make him an impressive figure in aerial sports.

Rafael Saladini – The Distance Pioneer

Rafael is a Brazilian paraglider famous for setting the world record for the longest paragliding flight. His record-breaking flight showed exceptional skill and endurance, as he navigated through challenging atmospheric conditions over various terrains. This achievement displayed the advanced capabilities of modern paragliding equipment and set a new standard for long-distance paragliding. Saladini inspires both new and experienced paragliders to push the limits of distance and endurance. 


Global Ambassadors of Paragliding

Some paragliding pilots use the sport to support global causes like environmental protection, cultural understanding, and charity. These ambassadors use their flights and influence to inspire change and make a positive impact worldwide. 

Tom de Dorlodot – Environmental Advocate

Tom, a Belgian adventurer and paraglider, focuses on environmental issues. Through his travels and films, he highlights problems like deforestation and climate change, encouraging people to adopt sustainable practices both in and out of paragliding.

Nouria Newman – Cultural Ambassador

A French professional kayaker and paraglider, who is improving cross-cultural understanding through her adventures. As an ambassador for outdoor sports and world travels, she explores different landscapes and engages with diverse communities. Through her experiences, she improves connections and cultural divides. She aims to promote mutual respect and appreciation for the world’s natural and cultural heritage.

Gavin McClurg – Charitable Advocate

An American adventurer who integrates his love for paragliding with charity work. Through projects like the Red Bull X-Alps and his involvement with the Cloudbase Foundation, he supports initiatives that improve life in remote communities, such as providing clean water and education.

Paragliding Icons

Establishing Global Standards

The FAI World Paragliding Championships, which began in 1989, were a major milestone in the sport’s development. Organized by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) and its Paragliding Commission (CIVL), these biennial competitions standardized paragliding rules. This event highlights the technical skills of the pilots. These organizations and events also aim to promote international unity and the sport’s global presence. 

Fly High

The stories of these influential paragliders highlight their personal achievements and the ongoing evolution of paragliding itself. They are driven by passion and persistent drive to push the boundaries. These stories and achievements are sure to inspire and motivate you to experience the joy and freedom of paragliding for yourself. The sky is limitless, and for those willing to explore it, it offers endless possibilities and adventures.

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