Best paragliding spots in the world

Soaring High: The Best Paragliding Spots on Earth

Hi fellow adventurers, Max here from Adventuro. I’ve had the opportunity to experience some truly breathtaking views. Today, I break down the must visit paragliding spots to help you plan your next adventure.

1. Algodonales, Spain

Algodonales, nestled in the Andalusian mountains, is often dubbed the ‘paragliding capital of Spain.’ It’s known for its remarkable thermal conditions, perfect for novices looking to experience their first solo flight. Trust me, soaring over the rolling Spanish countryside and picturesque white-washed villages is an experience that you won’t forget. It is common to be flying amounst large vultures here which allows for both David Attenborough impressions as well as easy thermal spotting.

Some well-known take-off spots are ‘Poniente’ and ‘Levante’, named after the prevailing winds.

Hop on a two-hour flight from London to Malaga, and then it’s just a scenic drive to Algodonales.

The most favourable flying conditions in Algodonales can be found between October to May, avoiding the hot and often windy summer months.

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2. Bir Billing, India

Tucked away in the Indian Himalayas, Bir Billing is not your average paragliding destination. It offers an unmatched blend of altitude, thermals, and stunning panoramas of snow-capped peaks. The cross-country routes here are a pilot’s dream.

The ‘Billing’ hilltop, at 8,000 ft, is the most common launching pad and is known to offer some of the longest free-flight paths globally.

You can reach this serene paradise via a flight to Delhi, followed by a bus or taxi journey to Bir Billing.

In Bir Billing, the optimal months to catch thermals are October and November in autumn, and March to May in spring. This year’s Pre-World Cup Paragliding Tournament held in April attests to this.

3. Chamonix, France

There is a reason that most of the world’s paragliders reside in countries that border the Alps. Chamonix is a jewel in a sea of excellent spots. Renowned for its astounding vistas of Mont Blanc, this spot is a must-visit for any paragliding enthusiast. Well run resorts, lifts, and infrastructure make it a pleasure to visit and explore.

In Chamonix, you’ll find plenty of fantastic take-off spots. ‘Planpraz’ and ‘Aiguille du Midi’ are amongst the most popular.

A quick flight to Geneva followed by a transfer will get you from London to Chamonix.

Chamonix offers excellent paragliding conditions from May to September. The summer months bring about thermals that make for exciting flights.

Where to paraglide in chamonix, best takeoffs

4. Davos, Switzerland

Switzerland, the land of postcard-perfect landscapes, offers amazing paragliding conditions year-round. Imagine gliding over azure lakes, majestic Alpine peaks, and lush green valleys – it’s like living a dream! Its mountain trails and quality emergency services make it perfect for Hike ‘n’ Fly adventures.

Top launching spots include ‘Beatenberg’ in Interlaken and ‘Weissfluhjoch’ in Davos.

It’s as easy as a flight from London to Zurich or Geneva, followed by a scenic train ride to your chosen take-off spot.

Switzerland’s paragliding season generally starts from May and extends until October. These months offer longer daylight hours and more predictable weather patterns.

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5. Quixada, Brazil

Quixada is the jewel of Brazil for paragliders. Famous for its powerful thermals, this location provides the perfect environment for cross-country paragliding. It’s not uncommon to achieve several hundred kilometers in a single flight here, making it a hot spot for setting distance records.

The ‘Morro do Urucum’ with wooden ramp on launch is a popular launching point in this region. Be aware conditions can be gusty and very strong.

A long-haul flight from London to Fortaleza, followed by a road trip, will lead you to this paragliding haven.

In Quixada, the best paragliding season falls between September and December. These months have the most favourable wind and thermal conditions.

6. Shumen, Bulgaria

Shumen in Bulgaria offers a unique paragliding experience, with a perfect balance of flatland and mountain thermals. It’s a paradise for those who love exploring the unknown and offers spectacular views of Bulgaria’s diverse landscapes.

Well-known take-off spots include ‘Madara’ and ‘Pliska’, providing you with spectacular views over Bulgaria’s diverse landscapes.

Catch a flight from London to Varna, followed by a short drive, and you’ll be ready to experience this Eastern European gem.

Shumen is most suitable for paragliding from April until October, with the long, warm days providing reliable thermal activity.

7. Queenstown, New Zealand

No list of paragliding destinations is complete without mentioning Queenstown. This adventure capital offers heart-stopping views over Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables mountain range. The sight of these majestic landscapes from the sky is enough to make any journey worthwhile, let alone the long haul from London with a stopover in Auckland.

The ‘Coronet Peak’ and ‘Skyline Gondola’ are favourite launching pads offering mesmerising views.

Queenstown provides good flying conditions year-round, but December to February (summer months in the Southern Hemisphere) offer the longest daylight hours and typically more stable weather conditions.

Paragliding in queenstown

8. Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Known for its serene landscapes and exceptional thermic conditions, Colombia is gaining recognition in the paragliding community. The country offers a unique blend of cultural experience and exciting flying opportunities.

One of the most popular spots is Roldanillo in the Valle del Cauca. It’s known worldwide and frequently hosts international paragliding competitions. The area’s consistent thermal conditions and wide valleys make it a paradise for paragliding enthusiasts. Another cherished spot is Bucaramanga, offering fantastic panoramic views of Colombia’s lush green landscapes.

While Colombia boasts good flying conditions year-round, the best months for paragliding are typically December to March.

Each of these paragliding spots offers unique experiences and breathtaking views, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Remember to always prioritize safety, respect local rules and regulations, and, most importantly, relish every moment of your flight. Here’s to your next high-flying adventure!

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