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While the UK might be known more for its historic landmarks and rolling countryside, it boasts an extensive diving community with numerous opportunities for underwater exploration, education, and certification. Let’s dive into what the UK has to offer!

Indoor Scuba Diving Opportunities

The UK’s extensive coastline offers numerous opportunities for scuba diving, along with a wide variety of classes catered to all skill levels. Scuba diving in the heart of London and inland might sound like an oxymoron, but the city is home to several prominent diving schools and indoor centres offering an array of underwater experiences.

In Chertsey, Nick and his team provides both pool-based training and open-water experiences. Catering both for beginner try-dives to advanced technical diving courses for seasoned divers. With its state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff, it is a beacon for diving enthusiasts.

In Baskingstoke, Jane and Simon’s School accommodate a diverse group of divers from absolute beginners to seasoned veterans. Their speciality in Technical Diving is world class.

In Lullington Garth, North London, Nathan and the team offers PADI referral programs as well as courses for kids.

The Confined Open Water Course

The Confined Open Water (COW) course this course is typically carried out in a swimming pool or a shallow, calm body of water such as a lake or a quarry.

The COW course introduces fundamental diving skills under the guidance of certified instructors. These skills include equipment handling, underwater communication, buoyancy control, mask clearing, regulator recovery, and emergency procedures.

Training sessions typically last between one to three days, depending on the learning pace of the individual. Once the COW is completed, trainees receive a referral form which details their progress. This form is valid for a year and is accepted by diving centres worldwide.

Completing Your Open Water Course Abroad

Completing the COW course in the UK and then finishing the open water course abroad is a popular option. This allows trainees to handle the theoretical and confined water portions of the course at home, and then enjoy their first open water dives in some of the world’s most iconic diving spots.

This can be a great option to make the most of holiday days in the sun, although it is necessary to leave a gap after diving before you fly in order to reduce the risk of decompression sickness. For a single dive at least 12 hours rising to 18 hours for multiple dives (both without decompression stops) is needed before flying to avoid decompression sickness (DCS). If in doubt leave 24 hours.

How much does it cost to learn to dive?

If you just want to dip your toe in then a Discover Scuba sessions range from £50-£100.

To progress and begin to get certified a PADI Confined Open Water Course you are looking at a cost £329 to £380 per person.

Then to complete the open water dives required to become a certified Open Water diver it will range from £250 to £329.

Exploring Beyond

Once you’ve honed your skills in the pool, it’s time to explore open waters. Inland locations offer access to several renowned dive sites.

Stoney Cove, Leicestershire is a freshwater dive site that’s about a two-hour drive from London. It’s a popular site for both training and pleasure dives due to its clear waters and abundant marine life.

Wraysbury offers a mix of training platforms, a 737 fusalage wreckage for exploration, and fish-feeding areas. It’s a great site for divers of all levels to enhance their skills.

A bit further afield is Vobster Quay (2.5-3 hour drive) with depths ranging from 6 to 36 metres. There are many underwater attractions to explore here including aircraft and vehicles.

The UK, a Diver’s Unexpected Paradise

While the UK may be miles from the tropical seas, it offers an unexpected array of opportunities for divers. From training centres and certification courses to open water excursions, the UK caters to the needs of diving enthusiasts from all walks of life. Next time you feel the call of the deep blue while wandering through this historic land, or want to get head start on your holiday diving plans, remember: the UK’s got you covered.

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