We are on a mission.

We are on a mission to help YOU get into new sports, hone your skills, and explore locations.

For too long, it has been too confusing to find your next steps or to know where to start when getting into adventure sports. 

We partner with the best instructors, guides, and activity centres to bring you a great spread from beginner all the way to instructor training.  

We hope to break this down and neatly organise the best sporting activities into appropriate levels so you never find yourself on what you thought was a cool kayaking trip with a bunch of 3-year-olds, or likewise going for what you thought was a pleasant walk around the Lakes to find out you’re doing the Three Peaks!   

We want to make sure you never have an excuse not to learn, explore, or master what makes you feel alive.  


Our pledge is to be part of the solution to protect our playground

we support rewilding britain Image

adventuro & Rewilding Britain: A Partnership for the Wild

adventuro is proud to partner with Rewilding Britain, a leading organization in large-scale nature restoration, which aims to create a wilder, nature-rich future that benefits us all. Their mission aligns with our commitment to protect the incredible natural spaces that our adventure sports lovers explore.

We enable you to actively participate in conservation efforts. When booking an adventure with us, you can add a chosen percentage of your booking fee to contribute to Rewilding Britain.

Please note, we retain 1.5% of your donation to go towards transaction fees but we cover any costs over this amount, so 98.5% will go directly towards rewilding initiatives. We believe in ‘Protecting the Playground,’ an ethos that strengthens the bond between adventure sports and conservation.

Your Booking, Your Contribution

adventuro's Net Zero Commitment

From day one, adventuro is committed to being a net zero company. We offset our unavoidable emissions, keeping sustainability at the forefront of our business model. As we embark on exciting adventures, we ensure our footprints are green.

We invite you to discover more about our commitment to protecting the planet. For more information on our approach to environmental stewardship, please visit our Environmental Policy

Explore Our Environmental Policy

Why Book With adventuro

1 - Our Values

Friendly Faces Behind Your Adventure

Our team of adventure enthusiasts offers personalised recommendations, easy accessibility, and unparalleled customer service you can rely on.

2 - Our Values

Growth by Growing Others

We offer handpicked adventures and work in collaboration with our partner centres.

3 - Our Values

Protecting The Playground

When you book with adventuro, you can donate to rewilding through our partnership with Rewilding Britain.

4 - Our Values

Learning and Community Focused

We believe adventure sports shouldn’t be just one-off experiences. We offer free learning resources and are actively building a community of adventurers and adventure centres.

Meet the Founders

Founder and CEO Max Hayward


Co-Founder & Chief Adventurer

I’m Max, the co-founder and CEO of adventuro. We are on a mission to help you get into the sports you have always wanted to try, or develop in the sports you love, exploring new skills and locations. We do this by partnering with the best instructors, guides, and activity centres to get a great spread from beginner all the way to instructor training.

For too long, it has been way to confusing to find your next steps, or even to know where to start when getting into adventure sports. I am an experienced and/or qualified paraglider, skydiver, scuba diver, freediver, power boat driver, snowboarder, kitesurfer, kayaker, mountain biker, surfer, dirt biker, wakeboarder, and sailor.


Co-Founder & COO

I’m Kate, co-founder and COO of adventuro. Our goal is to assist you in diving into the sports you’ve always been eager to explore or to make the most of the activities you already love. My role is to partner with top-tier instructors, guides, and activity centres, so that we can offer you the full spectrum of adventure sports, from beginner to pro. 


I love adventure sports and connecting with others who do, too. Having worked with hundreds of incredible partner centres, you can quiz me on everything adventure sports related no matter what your entry level. When not scouting out the best places for your next adventure, you’ll find me freediving, kayaking, surfing, paddleboarding, mountain biking… oh, and doing a lot of faceplanting! 

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