The Top 10 Coasteering Locations in the UK

The UK, with its rugged and varied coastline, has become a prime location for the adrenaline-pumping activity known as coasteering. From the high cliffs of Scotland to the sandy coves of Cornwall, the UK’s coastlines offer an adventure that’s both challenging and exhilarating. In this post, we’ll explore the top 10 coasteering locations in the UK that every enthusiast should consider visiting.

1 – Pembrokeshire, Wales:

Pembrokeshire, often hailed as the birthplace of coasteering, offers an iconic and unparalleled experience. Its rugged coastline is adorned with a patchwork of hidden caves, deep blue lagoons, and towering cliff faces.

A must-visit location within this region is the Blue Lagoon near Abereiddy, a former slate quarry turned stunning turquoise water haven, a prime spot for dramatic cliff jumps. The coastline around St. Davids also beckons with its interlocking caves, arches, and intricate rock formations, all enhanced by the crystalline waters of the Atlantic. The Stackpole Quay area further intrigues with its fascinating sea stacks and intricate gullies, offering both challenges for the seasoned coasteerer and serene beauty for those looking to immerse themselves in nature. With its rich history, diverse terrains, and majestic landscapes, Pembrokeshire stands as both the heart and soul of the coasteering world.

Pembrokeshire Coasteering

2 – Cornwall, England:

Cornwall, renowned for its dramatic coastlines and celtic heritage, offers coasteering experiences that are nothing short of legendary. Starting on the north coast, the area surrounding Newquay has become a hotspot for enthusiasts. The Gazzle Peninsula, in particular, boasts a maze of caves, tidal surges, and a famed jump spot known as “The Washing Machine” for a truly exhilarating challenge.

Venturing further west, the coastline near St. Agnes and Perranporth provides rugged cliff faces interspersed with serene tidal pools, allowing for moments of quiet contemplation amidst the action. For those seeking a mix of awe-inspiring scenery and adrenaline, Land’s End serves up towering cliffs and vast expanses of Atlantic waters to traverse.

Meanwhile, the Lizard Peninsula in the south offers a gentler introduction to the sport, with sheltered coves like Kynance Cove presenting a kaleidoscope of rare marine life and striking geology. Cornwall, with its blend of breathtaking landscapes and challenging terrains, truly encapsulates the spirit of coasteering.

3 – Dorset – Jurassic Coast:

This UNESCO World Heritage site offers a trip back in time. The Lulworth Cove, with its unique geological formations, is a must-visit. Dancing Ledge, true to its name, offers ledges that feel like nature’s own diving boards.

4 – Devon, England:

A jewel in the crown of the UK’s coastal offerings, Devon’s shoreline teems with coasteering opportunities that cater to both novices and experts.

Starting in the North at Baggy Point, adventurers can navigate its jagged rocks, explore hidden caves, and dive off moderate height jumps, making it ideal for those just dipping their toes into the sport. The area around Croyde Bay, meanwhile, presents more challenging routes where the daring can take on high cliff jumps into the deep blue.

If you’re searching for a blend of history and heart-pumping excitement, the ruins near Hartland Quay offer a unique coasteering backdrop, with the ancient rock formations serving as both climbing aids and a lesson in geology. Lastly, the serene, sheltered inlets around Salcombe are perfect for those preferring a slightly gentler pace, with plenty of opportunities to spot marine life.

Whether you’re weaving through the water-worn channels of Hope’s Nose or taking the plunge off Blackchurch Rock, Devon’s dynamic coast guarantees an unforgettable coasteering experience.

Devon Coasteering

5 – Isle of Anglesey, Wales:

This island, situated off the northwest coast of Wales, is a coasteering hotspot. The crystal-clear waters of Rhoscolyn and the dramatic cliffs of Porth Dafarch make it an unmissable destination.

6 – Isle of Skye, Scotland:

Known for its rugged beauty and mystical landscapes, Skye offers coasteering routes that are nothing short of magical. The Fairy Pools, with their cascading waterfalls, are perfect for a freshwater adventure, while Neist Point promises an unparalleled sea coasteering experience.

7 – Antrim Coast, Northern Ireland:

Home to the iconic Giant’s Causeway, this coastline offers a mix of legend and adventure. Ballintoy, with its challenging routes, is perfect for those looking to push their limits.

Antrim Coast Northern Ireland Coasteering

8 – Northumberland, England:

This northeast county, with its blend of rocky outcrops and sandy stretches, is perfect for both beginners and pros. The historic Bamburgh Castle offers a unique coasteering experience, while Seahouses provides a more traditional route.

9 – Gower Peninsula, Wales:

The first area in the UK designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Gower Peninsula is a coasteering gem. The high cliffs of Rhossili and the diverse marine life at Oxwich make it a must-visit.

10 – East Lothian, Scotland:

This East Coast gem, known for its dramatic cliffs and abundant wildlife, is a treat for every coasteering enthusiast. North Berwick promises challenging routes, while Dunbar offers a more relaxed experience.

East Lothian, Scotland coasteering


The UK, with its varied coastline, is a coasteering haven. Each location, with its unique charm and challenges, promises an unforgettable adventure. However, always ensure you’re well-equipped, consider taking a guided tour if you’re a beginner, and always respect local guidelines and the environment.

Tips and Recommendations:

While coasteering is most popular in summer, it is a year-round activity with many of adventuro’s partner centres open year round! For beginners, guided tours provide not only safety but also insight into the local geography and ecology. Always remember, safety first, and leave no trace behind!

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