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Solo Surftrip, Your Next Surf Retreat

This week, as we spotlight women in adventure sports, we simply could not go without speaking to Catharine O’Boyle, at Solo Surftrip. As we embrace this year’s #IWD2024 theme, #InspireInclusion, Solo Surftrip embodies the spirit of community and empowerment that we’re thrilled to celebrate and be a part of!

The Birth of Solo Surftrip

After a decade in the surf and tourism industries, Catharine and her best friend, Simone, believed they could offer something different (and better!) for their fellow surfers. So, they set out on a mission to redefine the surf retreat experience across Europe and beyond. Just this year, they are exploring shores and beaches in Morocco, Portugal, the Azores, and Nicaragua. And you can hit the surf with them as soon as 7th April – they have a couple of spots left for their awesome retreat in Agadir, Morocco.

“After many personal surf trips, and work ones, we really know the feeling we want our guests to experience!” – Catharine

Catharine and Simone wanted to offer a surf experience that was more than just a camp, but rather a community and a crew that lives for adventure.

Groups of surfers on a surf camp in Morocco!

The Solo Surftrip Ethos

What sets Solo Surftrip apart is its core philosophy. They are not just about experiences, but about building a living, breathing community of adventurers. Every day with Solo is an exploration, seeking out the best waves each individual’s skills and goals, combined with unique excursions and personal growth opportunities.

“At Solo we are not a surf camp, we are a surf crew! We want to create a community, we want our guests to LIVE! We will adventure each day, find different surf spots, and find unique excursions in each location. We will make sure each surf spot is perfect for your ability and we will help to improve your surfing with video analysis and surf theory.” – Catharine

Surf Retreat fun post-surf in Portugal.

Empowering Women in the Waves

Empowerment is at the heart of Solo Surftrip, particularly for women and girls venturing into the often male-dominated realm of surfing and adventure sports. Catharine and her team foster a supportive atmosphere that celebrates women’s achievements and encourages participation. By showcasing women’s successes on social media and through the presence of female co-founders (the amazing Catharine) and instructors, Solo Surftrip is breaking barriers and building confidence.

“We keep a safe, fun and open space for women by building that community. It can be very daunting heading into a male-dominated sport, and we don’t always learn the same way as our male friends do. It’s important to share women’s achievements from the week on social media so other women feel empowered through them!” – Catharine

Female surf trip in Morocco - instructor coaching beginner surfer.

Inspiration and Advice

For Catharine, role models emerge with each retreat, witnessing everyday women overcoming fears and embracing their strength in the surf. 

“I find a different role model on each retreat, to be honest, I could easily tell you a few of the top surfers who have paved the way for women in the sport, however, on each retreat I watch women conquer their fear, be strong, powerful and it inspires me every time.”

This real-time inspiration fuels her advice to women passionate about and aiming to leave their mark in adventure sports: 

“It won’t always be easy, but if you love it, it will always be worth it. Find a good team, surround yourself with positive people, and work hard.”  

Surf Camp Co-Founders, Simone and Catharine, on the beach at a surf retreat.

A Call to the Waves

To anyone contemplating taking up surfing or any adventure sport, Catharine’s message is one of unwavering encouragement. She highlights the importance of finding encouragement through local groups like The Saunton Surf Sisters in North Devon, emphasizing enjoyment and personal growth over competition. 

“Go for it!! You deserve to be in the water too, you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone. Just remember, you don’t have to be the best, you just have to enjoy what you are doing. As you grow in confidence you will start to realise each sporting community is welcoming and open.”  

Uniting with adventuro

Solo Surftrip’s partnership with adventuro is one of shared values and goals – making adventure sports easily accessible to everyone, and finding community through adventure sports at every entry level. We are honored to be working with such an amazing business and ‘surf crew’.

“adventuro has been a great help in supporting our surf retreats, they are helping large and small businesses to share their passion to the world!”  – Catharine

Join the Community

As Solo Surftrip continues to chart its course across the globe, it invites all, from seasoned surfers to newcomers, to join their community and discover the limitless possibilities within themselves, and the vast, welcoming ocean.

Solo Surftrip offer surfing retreat trips to Portugal and beyond. They have camps for a range of different abilities and entry levels, starting from your very first time on a surfboard.

Ready to embark on journeys that promise more than just waves but a chance to be part of something bigger? Explore their offerings and join the wave HERE.

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