Discover the Best River Kayaking Spots in the UK

1. River Wye, Wales and England

A Kayaker’s Paradise: The River Wye offers a serene paddling experience, winding through the lush Welsh and English countryside. It’s perfect for both beginners and experienced kayakers, with sections ranging from calm waters to more challenging rapids. The highlight of the Wye is the stunning Symonds Yat, a picturesque spot beloved by nature enthusiasts. I was taken by the serene beauty of the Welsh-English border.

River Grade: The River Wye varies from Grade I to III, making it suitable for beginners and intermediates.

Scenery: This river is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty, including dense woodlands and the iconic cliffs of Symonds Yat.

Popular Starting Points: Glasbury and Hay-on-Wye are popular starting points. Symonds Yat is a must-visit spot for its picturesque views and gentle rapids.

Year-Round Conditions: The River Wye is generally paddleable throughout the year. Spring and autumn offer the best water levels for a mix of calm and rapid sections.

2. River Derwent, Peak District

A Scenic Getaway: The River Derwent in the Peak District is ideal for those who love scenic landscapes. It’s known for its tranquil waters and stunning surroundings, including historic mills and lush forests. The river is suitable for all skill levels, offering a peaceful kayaking experience. As a peak district local, this has to be one of my favourites.

River Grade: Mostly Grade I-II, making it ideal for families and beginners.

Scenery: The river is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Peak District, with rolling hills, ancient woodlands, and historic mills dotting the landscape.

Popular Starting Points: Matlock and Darley Dale are common starting points, offering easy access and picturesque routes.

Year-Round Conditions: The River Derwent is generally best in the spring and autumn. Summer can be quite low, making some sections more suitable for a leisurely paddle.

3. River Tay, Scotland

Scotland’s Longest River: For those seeking a more exhilarating adventure, the River Tay in Scotland is a prime choice. It’s renowned for its whitewater sections, particularly in Grandtully. This spot is favoured by adrenaline seekers for its challenging rapids. The Tay also offers calmer sections for leisurely paddles, making it a versatile destination. The river’s spirited currents tested my skills, offering a mix of quiet stretches and heart-pumping rapids.

River Grade: The River Tay offers a range from Grade II to IV, attracting both intermediate and experienced kayakers.

Scenery: It flows through a mix of rural and urban landscapes, with highlights including the scenic Perthshire countryside and the historic city of Perth.

Popular Starting Points: Aberfeldy is a popular starting point for a more leisurely paddle, while Grandtully is favored for its challenging whitewater sections.

Year-Round Conditions: The best conditions are typically found from October to April, with higher water levels providing more challenging rapids, particularly in the Grandtully area.

4. River Thames, London

Urban Kayaking: For a unique urban kayaking experience, the River Thames in London is unmatched. Paddling along this iconic river, you’ll pass amazing scenery, and downstream, you can paddle past famous landmarks like the Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge. This however, does require permissions and good knowledge of how to navigate busy waters and tides. It’s an ideal way to experience the city from a different perspective.

River Grade: Upstream in the non-tidal reaches the river is suitable for all levels, especially those looking for a relaxed paddle. In the tidal range, it requires more advanced skill and permission from the authorities.

Scenery: Urban landscapes dominate, with iconic landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, and Tower Bridge.

Popular Starting Points: Putney and Teddington are popular launching spots, offering different perspectives of the city.

Year-Round Conditions: The Thames is paddleable year-round, but it’s most popular in the summer months. Tidal conditions in London can affect paddling, so checking tide tables is essential.

5. River Severn, England

England’s Longest River: The River Severn offers a diverse kayaking experience, with sections suitable for beginners and more adventurous paddlers. It’s known for its beautiful scenery, including the Severn Valley and the historic town of Shrewsbury. The river’s gentle flow makes it perfect for a relaxing day out on the water.

River Grade: Ranges from Grade I to II, perfect for beginners and those looking for a gentle paddle.

Scenery: The river meanders through the picturesque Severn Valley, with lush countryside and historical towns like Shrewsbury and Worcester.

Popular Starting Points: Shrewsbury and Ironbridge are great starting points, offering a blend of natural beauty and historical interest.

Year-Round Conditions: While paddleable all year, spring and autumn often provide the best conditions. Summer offers a more leisurely experience but with potentially lower water levels.


The UK offers a diverse range of river kayaking experiences, from tranquil paddles in picturesque countryside to thrilling urban adventures. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kayaker, there’s a river in the UK that’s perfect for your next adventure. So grab your kayak, and explore the stunning waterways of the United Kingdom!

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