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25+ Best Scuba Diving Apps for Diving Excellence

With the rise of digital technology in every aspect of our lives, scuba diving is no exception. The right app can make your scuba diving experience safer and more fun, providing valuable data, tracking your progress, and even introducing you to new diving sites, activities, and like-minded communities. If you’re still blowing bubbles and planning your first dive or have logged a thousand dives as a certified diver, there’s an app designed to enhance your underwater adventure.

Improve Your Diving with the Right Technology

Using a dive app like Divelog+ or DiveMate can significantly enhance your scuba diving experiences. These apps help you keep track of your dives and provide detailed information about each dive, such as dive profiles, gas consumption, and water temperature. This data is crucial for planning future dives and improving your diving skills.

DiveMate (Free, with in-app purchases)

DiveMate takes dive logging to the next level with its integration with various dive computers. It offers a seamless way to log your dives, view detailed dive profiles, and manage your data, even without an internet connection. Features include GPS integration to tag dive sites, cloud backup for data safety, and compatibility with numerous dive computers. DiveMate is a great tool for both novice and experienced divers.

Oceanic+ (Free, with in-app purchases)

For Apple Watch Ultra owners, the Oceanic+ app transforms your watch into a primary dive computer. The app provides essential dive data such as depth, water temperature, and deco time. The app uses the digital crown and rear camera for easy navigation and logging.

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Garmin Dive (Free)

Garmin Dive is a powerful app for those with compatible Garmin device. It offers detailed information on dive profiles, environmental conditions, and dive computer data. The app is perfect for keeping track of your dives and ensuring all essential information is easily accessible. It integrates seamlessly with Garmin’s smartwatches for real-time data monitoring and dive planning.

V-Planner (Paid)

V-Planner is an advanced dive planning app designed for technical and recreational divers who want to ensure their safety and optimize their underwater adventures. This app provides precise decompression planning tools, allowing you to calculate no-decompression limits, decompression stops, and gas mixtures with accuracy. V-Planner supports a wide range of dive profiles and offers detailed charts and tables to help you meticulously plan your dives. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to customize your dive plans and adjust parameters based on real-time conditions. Available for purchase on Google Play and App Store.

Divelog+ (Paid)

Divelog+ is a great app for any scuba diver looking to keep a detailed log of their dives. It allows you to electronically log your dives, track your progress, and share your experiences with a community of divers. The app features comprehensive dive log management, detailed statistics, dive site maps, and social sharing capabilities. You can relive your underwater experiences and monitor your improvement over time.

Planning and Safety

Apps like Subsurface and Dive Plan are perfect for dive planning. Take a deep breath – your safety is covered. By tallying up no-decompression limits, pinpointing perfect gas mixtures, and charting critical decompression stops, you’re free to focus on the dive itself. Ascend too quickly and you’re rolling the dice with decompression sickness – a gambit no diver wants to take. No more tedious planning or missed opportunities – with these apps, you’ll be armed with insider knowledge and tricks of the trade to make your dives nothing short of amazing.

Subsurface (Free)

Subsurface is a powerful dive planning tool that offers detailed dive profiles and gas management features. It allows divers to plan their dives meticulously, ensuring they stay within safe limits. The app supports multi-platform use, so you can plan your dives on your desktop and sync them to your mobile device. If you’re planning a single dive or an entire trip, Subsurface ensures your plans are safe and well-organized.

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Dive Plan (Free, with in-app purchases)

Dive Plan is perfect for recreational divers who need a straightforward app to plan their dives. It helps you calculate no-decompression limits, gas consumption, and safety stops. This user-friendly app ensures that you can dive safely and enjoyably, keeping all necessary calculations at your fingertips. Dive Plan is a must-have for anyone wanting to dive responsibly.

First Aid by Red Cross (Free)

While not directly related to diving, the First Aid app by Red Cross is an essential companion for all outdoor adventurers. It provides expert advice on handling common first aid emergencies, with videos, interactive quizzes, and the nearest hospital location. This app offers quick guidance on important actions to take in an emergency, so you can act with confidence.

TripWhistle Global SOS (Free, with in-app purchases)

TripWhistle Global SOS is an essential app for travelers and divers, providing quick access to international emergency phone numbers in over 200 countries. This app ensures that you have critical contact information at your fingertips, allowing you to call for help in emergencies, no matter where you are. TripWhistle makes it easy to find and dial the local emergency services, whether you need police, fire, or medical assistance. It offers in-app purchases for additional features like detailed emergency guides and location-based services.

Dive Planner (Free)

Dive Planner is designed to assist divers in meticulously planning their dives. The app allows you to calculate no-decompression limits, gas consumption, and safety stops, ensuring your dives are both safe and enjoyable. With Dive Planner, you can easily input your dive parameters and receive detailed dive plans that help you stay within safe limits. Available for iOS and Android.

iDeco Pro (Paid)

iDeco Pro is a dive planning app designed for serious divers who want to ensure their safety and optimize their underwater adventures. This app provides advanced decompression planning tools, allowing you to calculate no-decompression limits, decompression stops, and gas mixtures with precision. iDeco Pro supports a wide range of dive profiles and offers detailed charts and tables to help you plan your dives meticulously. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, you can easily customize your dive plans and adjust parameters based on real-time conditions. Available for purchase on the App Store.

Dive Number (Free, with in-app purchases)

Dive Number is an innovative dive log app designed to streamline the dive logging process for scuba divers. It allows you to effortlessly log your dives, including detailed information about dive profiles, gas consumption, and water temperature. The app supports cloud synchronization, ensuring your dive data is safe and accessible across multiple devices. It also features an intuitive interface for tagging dive sites with GPS coordinates and sharing your experiences with a community of divers. Available on both the App Store and Google Play.

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Diving Dude (Free, with in-app purchases)

Diving Dude is an all-in-one app designed to enhance your scuba diving adventures. This versatile app offers comprehensive dive log management, allowing you to record detailed information about each dive, including dive profiles, gas consumption, and environmental conditions. You can easily track your diving progress and share your experiences with a community of fellow divers. Diving Dude also includes a dive planner to help you prepare for future dives, ensuring you stay within safe limits and make the most of your underwater exploration. Available on the App Store.

Identifying Marine Life

For those passionate about marine life, apps like Reef Life Pro and iNaturalist are invaluable. Imagine discovering a sunfish or angelfish on your next snorkeling adventure, with these apps as your trusty field guides. Serious underwater sleuths can really get behind these fantastic resources, built to support divers charting new territory and bagging photographic evidence.

Reef Life Pro (Paid and Free Version)

Reef Life Pro is an extensive marine life identification app that is a must-have for divers, snorkelers, and marine enthusiasts. It features a vast database of species, high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and offline access, making it easy to identify marine life even when you’re out at sea. With Reef Life Pro, you can enhance your knowledge of underwater creatures and share your discoveries with others.

iNaturalist (Free)

iNaturalist is a broader app for identifying all sorts of wildlife, including marine species. It boasts a strong community and a comprehensive database, allowing you to identify species and engage with other nature enthusiasts. The app features GPS tagging, project creation, and community engagement tools. For divers interested in citizen science, iNaturalist offers a platform to contribute to global biodiversity records.

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Scuba Calendar (Free, with in-app purchases)

Scuba Calendar is an essential app for divers looking to optimize their dive planning and track seasonal marine life events. This app provides comprehensive dive site information, including best times to visit, expected water temperature, and notable marine life encounters. Scuba Calendar’s user-friendly interface allows divers to plan their trips around key events like whale shark migrations, coral spawning, and other marine life activities. With detailed monthly calendars and notifications, you’ll never miss an opportunity to experience the underwater world at its best. Available on both the App Store and Google Play, Scuba Calendar helps divers maximize their underwater adventures by providing timely and relevant information for each dive destination.

Weather and Tides

Understanding environmental conditions is crucial for a safe diving experience. Using apps like Windy and Tides Near Me, you get a bead on the weather and tides in real-time, no matter where you are. Planning a successful dive demands staying on top of the weather, water, dive conditions, and other critical factors – so don’t jump in without a clear picture.

Tides Near Me (Free)

Planning a dive requires knowing the real tide times, and Tides Near Me is the best app for this. It provides tide tables, tide charts, and tide forecasts, ensuring that you can plan your dives at the optimal times. The app also offers sunrise and sunset times and offline functionality. Tides Near Me is indispensable for any diver needing to coordinate their dives with the tides.

Windy (Free, with in-app purchases)

One of the best weather apps for divers, Windy provides wind and weather forecasts with beautiful, intuitive visuals. You can see conditions for waves, wind, and swell at ground level and elevation from multiple different sources. Windy app is crucial for planning safe dives by providing comprehensive weather data, helping you avoid bad conditions.

Real Tide (Free, with in-app purchases)

Real Tide is a highly useful app for divers and water enthusiasts, providing accurate tide predictions and real-time data for coastal locations worldwide. This app helps you plan your dives with confidence by offering detailed tide charts, tidal currents, and water level information. With its intuitive interface, you can easily access critical tidal data and set up notifications for optimal dive times. Real Tide also includes in-app purchases for advanced features such as extended forecasts and personalized tide stations. Available on the App Store.

Dive Education and Community

The DiveSSI and PADI apps are excellent resources for both beginner and experienced divers. Explore, learn, and connect with dive buddies around the globe – these apps have got you covered with educational content, PADI elearning, nearby dive centers, and a thriving community. All your diving essentials are kept tidy with their logbooks and e-certification cards, making life easier for you.

DiveSSI (Free)

DiveSSI is the official app of Scuba Schools International (SSI) and offers a wealth of training materials and dive safety resources. The app includes training materials, a dive log, a dive site locator, and a dive shop finder, making it an invaluable resource for divers of all levels. DiveSSI helps you continue your dive education, find educational organizations and ensure your dives are safe and enjoyable.

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PADI (Free, with in-app purchases)

The PADI app is the official app of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). It provides resources for diver education and safety, including training materials, a dive log, dive site maps, and certification e-cards. It’s a comprehensive tool for PADI-certified divers and those in training. With the PADI app, you can keep all your scuba diving certification details and dive logs in one place.

Diveboard (Free, with in-app purchases)

Diveboard is an online platform and app designed to enhance your diving experience by offering dive logging and community features. You can create detailed dive logs, including dive profiles, photos, and notes, which can be accessed and shared from anywhere. Diveboard integrates with numerous dive computers, making it easy to upload and manage your dive data. The platform also features a vibrant community where you can connect with other divers, discover new dive sites, and share your underwater adventures. Available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Dive+ (Free, with in-app purchases)

Dive+ enhances underwater photography and videography with features like real-time color correction. Compatible with both iOS and Android phones, it offers in-app purchases for advanced features. Dive+ is ideal for divers who love capturing and sharing their underwater adventures.

ScubaDiver Magazine App (Free, with in-app purchases)

The ScubaDiver Magazine app is perfect for those who want to stay updated with the latest in the diving world. This dive magazine offers insights into the best places to dive, reviews of dive equipment, and stories from the underwater world. This app is a great way to enhance your knowledge and stay connected with the diving community.

Eco-Conscious Apps

These apps are great tools for divers who want to contribute to marine conservation and ensure their diving activities are Eco-friendly.

Debris Tracker (Free)

Debris Tracker is a powerful app designed to empower divers and ocean enthusiasts to make a positive impact on marine environments. This app allows you to log and track marine debris during your dives, contributing to a global database of litter pollution. With an easy-to-use interface, you can quickly record the type, quantity, and location of debris you encounter, providing valuable data to researchers and conservationists. It also offers educational resources on the environmental impact of marine debris and tips for sustainable diving practices. Available for free on both the App Store and Google Play, Debris Tracker is a great tool for divers committed to preserving the underwater world and promoting cleaner oceans.

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PADI AWARE Foundation (Free)

Volunteers around the globe are taking action for an ocean free of marine debris, working together to save marine wildlife. The app enables divers to contribute to the Dive Against Debris® citizen science project. You can report the types and quantities of marine debris items found underwater, as well as any entangled or dead wildlife. Key features – recording trash items, reporting wildlife, viewing and sharing your contributions, uploading images, and easily plotting your dive site. The app works offline, storing your data until you regain connectivity. Join the global movement of advocates and become an agent of positive change, one action at a time. Don’t let your dives go to waste. Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Green Diver (Free)

Green Diver is an app for Eco-conscious divers committed to preserving the marine environment. Developed by the Green Diver Initiative, this app provides divers with tools and resources to engage in sustainable diving practices. It offers educational materials on marine conservation, helping divers understand the importance of protecting underwater ecosystems. Users can participate in eco-friendly diving activities, track their contributions to environmental preservation, and share their efforts with the Green Diver community. Available for free on the App Store.

Reef Check (Free)

Reef Check is offering a citizen science platform to monitor and protect coral reefs. Developed by Reef Check Foundation, this app allow divers to contribute vital data on reef health, including coral cover, fish populations, and the presence of marine debris. Users can log their observations and submit them to a global database, helping scientists and conservationists track the health of reef ecosystems worldwide. The app provides educational resources on reef monitoring techniques and the ecological significance of coral reefs. It is empowering divers to make meaningful contributions to marine science. Available for free on both the App Store and Google Play.

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Device Compatibility

These apps are compatible with your mobile phone – Android devices, iOS devices, desktop computers, and even smartwatches like the Apple Watch Ultra. This allows scuba divers access to their dive data and planning tools on the go, making it easier to track and plan dives no matter where they are. Some apps are available for both iPhone and Android phones, while others only for one, but continuously improving and developing for other operating platforms. It’s good practice to always check the iOS app store or Google Play before your next dive trip, for the latest version and update for your diving app.

Free App vs. Paid App

While many of these diving apps offer free versions, some also have paid versions with additional features. For example, DiveMate and Reef Life Pro offer in-app purchase that unlocks more advanced functionalities. Check for Free, Lite Versions and Free Trials as well. Deciding between free version and paid version depends on your specific needs and how much you’re willing to invest in your diving adventures.

Happy and Safe Diving!

A dive app can be the difference between a mediocre swim and an epic exploration. Suddenly, you’re in the know about the best wreck sites, new dive sites, dive centers, connecting with pro instructors, and geeking out over logbook stats with like-minded aqua addicts. Looking to log more dives or fine-tune your technique? From basic diving skills to advanced training, these apps deliver the expertise you need for a memorable and incident-free diving adventure. Dive into these apps and discover how technology can enhance your underwater world. Happy diving!

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