The Top Five Beginner Surfing Blunders: We all have to start somewhere!

Aloha, aspiring surfers! As you dip your toes into the world of surfing, it’s natural to stumble (and wipeout… a lot) along the way. We all start somewhere, and believe it or not, even seasoned surfers can look back and laugh at their early surfing blunders. So let’s dive into five common mistakes beginners make when learning to surf, so that you can try to avoid them. Prepare to chuckle, learn, and eventually ride the waves like a pro!


  1. Get a bigger board
  2. Put your feet at the end of the board and chest in the middle
  3. Know where others are around you
  4. Catch the wave before standing up
  5. Don’t worry if you get tired

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  1. Choosing the Wrong Board

Imagine boarding the Titanic, and it turns out to be a rubber dinghy. That’s what it’s like when a beginner surfer chooses the wrong board. The ideal starter surfboard is large, stable, and has plenty of volume to help you catch waves easily.

A common mistake is opting for a sleek, shortboard that looks cool but is about as stable as a unicycle on a tightrope. Leave the fancy boards to the pros and start with a trusty foam board or a longboard to build your confidence and skills.

  1. Incorrect Positioning on the Board

So, you’ve got your beginner-friendly board, but now you’re lying on it like a beached whale. Your nose and tail are poking out of the water, and you’re wobbling around pretty uncontrollably. Incorrect positioning on the board can make catching a wave virtually impossible. To avoid this comedy routine, ensure that your chest is aligned with the middle of the board and your feet are close to the tail. You’ll be paddling smoothly and catching waves before you know it!

  1. Not Observing Right of Way

Surfing can be a crowded affair, and in the lineup, there are rules to prevent collisions and ensure everyone gets a chance to ride waves. Beginners often ignore (or just don’t know about) right of way and end up in a (sometimes dangerous) surfing traffic jam. The surfer closest to the peak of the wave has priority, and if someone is already up and riding, give way. Unless you want a face full of surfboard, that is…

  1. Trying to Stand Up Too Quickly

In the excitement of catching a wave, beginners often try to stand up too quickly. The result? A spectacular wipeout that leaves you and your board parting ways. Take your time, go through the motions, and find your balance. Practice the pop-up on the beach before hitting the water, and you’ll soon be standing tall and proud on your board.

  1. Neglecting Fitness

Surfing may look like a laid-back sport, but it demands a lot from your body. Beginners often underestimate the importance of fitness, and before they know it, they’re paddling back to shore with a deflated ego and a newfound appreciation for their couch potato lifestyle. To avoid the surfer’s swim of shame, focus on building your endurance, strength, and flexibility before you hit the waves. Or just keep practicing and you will be fit as a fiddle!

We all make mistakes when we’re learning. So embrace the wipeouts and learn from these common blunders, and soon you’ll be carving up the waves with style, grace, and a healthy dose of faceplanting. Surf’s up!

Surfing tips for beginners
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