The Best Outdoor Adventure Sports Podcasts to Inspire You

Lately, I’ve found myself craving something different from the usual podcasts I listen to. While I love a good true crime or comedy podcast, I wanted more inspiration and to connect with others who love outdoor sports as much as we do here at adventuro. That’s when I decided to seek out adventure sports podcasts to get inspired for my next endeavour. Below I’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite outdoor sports podcasts to share with you all. Hoping these inspire your next adventure!

The Bracken Outdoors

The Bracken Outdoors podcast is like having a cool teacher-turned-bushcraft-guru as your hiking buddy. Bracken Van Ryssen chats it up with forest school leaders and dives into all sorts of wild topics – from bushcraft philosophy to nature therapy to figuring out how to turn your outdoor obsession into a legit career. This podcast will definitely have you wanting to get up and hit the trails! They have short episodes on outdoor business concepts, plus longer episodes where they pick the brains of outdoor experts like long-time scout leader Tom Gerrard. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or casual camper, give it a listen! This one’s great for your journey of discovery.

Outdoor Lives Podcast

If you’re all about living life outside and being in nature, you’ve got to tune in to the Outdoor Lives podcast. Hosted by passionate outdoorsman Mike Raine, this show features folks who are in sync with Mother Nature and who, as the title suggests, live outdoor lives! Each episode brings you stories and insights from people who truly embody the outdoor lifestyle. We love this one because it’s all about finding inspiration and reconnecting with the natural world around us. Hit play on this podcast if you want to escape into the beauty and serenity of the great outdoors.

Outdoor Lives Podcast

The Outdoors Station

The Outdoors Station podcast reminds us of sitting around and having a campfire chat with our likeminded, outdoorsy friends. It’s packed with a ton of good stuff – from hiking stories to personal recommendations on the best camping gear. Bob Cartright, a seasoned outdoor expert and enthusiast, is the outdoor guru behind this podcast. He and his crew spill the beans on their wild adventures, share tips, and swap stories that’ll make you want to go off in nature and sleep under the stars. Give it a listen if you’re looking for some serious outdoor inspiration!

Tough Girl

The Tough Girl podcast is exactly what it sounds like – girl power. Sarah Williams, the girl boss behind this show, serves up stories from women who are absolutely crushing it in the world of solo female travel, adventure sports, and entrepreneurship. These ladies spill the tea on their wild rides, sharing all the highs, lows, and “ah-ha” moments along the way. It’s not just cool stories though – you’ll also pick up some useful tips and tricks for your own adventures. We recommend turning up this podcast if you need empowerment and motivation to help you push through your boundaries and take on the world.


If you want a chill paddleboarding buddy in your earbuds, check out SUPfm hosted by paddler and BSUPA instructor Simon Hutchinson. The SUPfm podcast covers all aspects of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and is essentially SUP culture in audio form. Whether you’re just figuring out which end of the paddle to hold or you already know how to make waves, his platform helps you get the most out of your stand-up paddleboard experience. Check out his podcasts episodes for inspiration and to stay connected with SUP culture. Fair warning though that listening to his podcast might make you want to get on your board more.

Tough Girl

Get Outside

The Get Outside podcast dishes out outdoor stories from every corner of the planet and from guests all around the world. Jason B. Milligan has more skills and hobbies than you can imagine and his enthusiasm is seriously contagious. With his background in the entertainment industry, he makes a wonderful host to his broad range of guests that’ll make you want to try every outdoor activity that’s out there. With 6 seasons and 8 years of production under their belt, the Get Outside podcast is definitely one of the best produced podcasts on outdoor sports out there. Do yourself a favour and tune in, it’s a must listen for any outdoor enthusiast!

The Outdoors Group

The Outdoors Group podcast separates itself from the other shows on our list with their emphasis on encouraging young people to hit the outdoors and trade their screens for sunscreen instead. From teachers to army sergeants, each episode has amazing guests talking about different aspects of the outdoors. They cover a wide spectrum of topics such as making the outdoors an integral part of learning to creating accessible outdoor spaces and forest school provisions. If you’re looking for a podcast to inspire and educate any children or young people in your life, this is the one for you.

The Outdoors Fix

After an 1800km trek in New Zealand, journalist Liv Bolton decided to start The Outdoors Fix podcast. The core idea behind the show is to help folks make the outdoors a bigger part of their lives. The show has a wide array of guests sharing life changing stories across different outdoor activities, so there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for a good episode to start with, check out the one with Elise Wortley. She talks about her adventures around the world and surviving alone in the Canadian wilderness for a TV show called ‘Alone.’ It’s a great listen if you’re needing a little push to get outside more!

The Outdoors Fix podcast

Coaching Outdoors

The Coaching Outdoors podcast is the brainchild of Anna-Marie Watson and Alex Burn – two women with a passion for, as the name suggests, coaching outdoors! They’re both super knowledgeable and have a lot of experience under their belts. Anna and Alex also bring in other coaching experts from different fields, which adds a nice variety to the mix. They cover all sorts of interesting topics about how spending time in nature can be good for you, like how being outdoors can help with stress and depression, or how it can boost your creativity. If you’re curious about how the outdoors can improve your life or work, this podcast is definitely worth a listen.

Scotland Outdoors

Scotland Outdoors is arguably the best produced and most frequented podcast on our list. Hosts Mark Stephen and Helen Needham cover a lot of the same topics as the other podcasts featured in this article, but with a focus on the Scottish outdoors. The hosts have fantastic chemistry and if you read through some of the reviews on the podcast, you’ll find the podcast has a big international appeal regardless of its niche subject matter. They cover topics like how getting outside can be good for your mental health, and they chat with all kinds of people – farmers, photographers, poets, you name it! They even do some on-location episodes, which is pretty neat. Just listening to a few episodes of this podcast might make you want Scotland to be your next travel destination!

The Bucket Lister Podcast

Last, but not least, we have The Bucket Lister podcast. Host Keith Crockford covers a lot of ground in his show and talks about all sorts of exciting destinations and activities you might want to add to your bucket list. He gives tips on planning adventures, reviews gear and equipment, and chats with people who’ve ticked off some pretty impressive bucket list items. It’s a nice mix of practical advice and inspiring stories. What’s neat about this podcast is how varied the topics are. Even though it’s all about adventure, each episode brings something new to the table. They put out a new episode every week, so there’s always fresh content to enjoy. We highly suggest this podcast to anyone looking for new ideas and inspiration for their next great adventure.

With all this being said, that wraps up our list!

Did we miss any of your favourites?

Get in touch and let us know which podcasts we should check out next!

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