aventuro - HIGHLANDER Lake District Festival

The adventuro – HIGHLANDER Partnership: A New Chapter in Lake District Adventures

At adventuro, our mission is to connect adventurers with unforgettable experiences that push boundaries and foster community. It is with great excitement that we announce our partnership with HIGHLANDER, the world’s leading long-distance hiking event series. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, as we now offer bookings for the amazing HIGHLANDER Lake District Event directly through adventuro.

aventuro - HIGHLANDER Lake District Festival
HIGHLANDER Lake District, UK 2023

The Vision Behind HIGHLANDER Lake District

HIGHLANDER’s journey began in 2016 on Croatia’s majestic Velebit mountain. A group of friends believed the world needed a hiking event which truly celebrated the essence of adventure and community. HIGHLANDER was born. In just one year, the dream materialised into the first HIGHLANDER event, quickly escalating from a gathering of 300 enthusiasts to a global phenomenon across 20 countries.

Mauro Kalcic, the project lead for HIGHLANDER Lake District, embodies the spirit of transformation and adventure. With a background as a project manager in the pharmaceutical industry, Mauro made a career shift two years ago. His vision is clear: to replicate the success of HIGHLANDER’s flagship event in Croatia and foster a global community bound by a love for the great outdoors.

“The goal of HIGHLANDER is to create a certain community of people who share similar opinions and a philosophy of life, and this includes care for the environment and, above all, care for oneself.”– Mauro Kalcic

Choosing the Lake District as the destination was a deliberate choice. Its stunning beauty and challenging terrain provide a fitting setting for the HIGHLANDER adventure. Returning to this renowned location for a second year, they plan routes that navigate through impressive peaks, peaceful lakes, and picturesque valleys, showcasing the qualities that make this area beloved by adventurers everywhere.

“Our objective is to offer hikes in some of the most iconic locations worldwide, and the Lake District stands out as an absolute gem in fulfilling that goal.” – Mauro Kalcic

aventuro - HIGHLANDER Lake District Festival
HIGHLANDER Lake District, UK 2023


HIGHLANDER is more than just an event or a festival; it’s a community of adventure lovers who see nature as the perfect setting for creating unforgettable memories and having the time of their lives. It’s all about mixing up physical challenges with a deep dive into culture.

Officially, it offers up to five days of backpacking challenges that test limits and encourage self-sufficiency. Unofficially, it’s a vibrant celebration of mountain culture, complete with dance parties under the stars and campfire stories that linger in memory long after the flames have died down. It is the ultimate adventure experience.

The Lake District Festival showcases three HIGHLANDER formats: Hercules, Pegasus, and Lyra, each offering a unique journey through some of England’s most breathtaking landscapes. From the 100km endurance test of Hercules to the one-day adventure of Lyra, participants are invited to choose their challenge, with each path promising its own set of unforgettable experiences and sights.

These formats ensure that everyone, from seasoned hikers to beginners, can find a challenge that aligns with their personal adventure spirit.  

HIGHLANDER Hercules: 3rd – 7th July 2024

Endurance: 5-day hike – approx 100km The Hercules route of the festival is named after the Roman mythological hero, derived from the Greek hero Heracles. It also represents the second-largest northern constellation and is the longest route in the event, spanning over 5 days. Traversing a 99 km trail, participants in this outdoor enthusiast’s playground will encounter iconic viewpoints, breathtaking peaks, and starlit night skies.

The route includes more than 5,200m of ascent throughout the breathtaking Lake District National Park. The 99 km long route will pass some of the iconic locations in the Lake District area and give you an experience of why the area is under UNESCO World Heritage Site.

HIGHLANDER Pegasus: 5th – 7th July 2024 

Endurance: 3-day hike – approx 55km  Named after the winged horse Pegasus from Greek mythology, the second-largest format of the event takes its inspiration from a well-known northern sky constellation, distinguished by the prominent Great Square asterism. This 56-kilometre hiking adventure takes you through a renowned area celebrated for its stunning lakes and mountainous fells, shaped ages ago by glacial activity.

This route involves 2,600m of ascent throughout the breathtaking Lake District National Park.

HIGHLANDER Lyra: 7th July 2024 

Endurance: 1-day hike – approx 25km  Inspired by the harmonious lyre from Greek mythology, Lyra represents balance and harmony, qualities reflected in this one-day adventure. It’s the perfect quest for bold adventurers who may be short on time but not on spirit. Dive into the adventurous essence of England’s Lake District with an exhilarating one-day challenge that’s designed to push you to your limits. Lighten your load by leaving behind the heavy backpack and tenting gear. On this journey, you’ll carry only the essentials in a small backpack, with everything else provided at checkpoints and the finish line.

“We are providing all the logistics, food and water, designated campgrounds, medical staff, and mountain rescue service. With an average daily hike of around 20km, each checkpoint offers a festive atmosphere with additional side programs.” – Mauro Kalcic

Additionally, registering for the festival automatically makes you a member of their exclusive club, offering various benefits. Check out the details, Activity Highlights and everything that is included HERE. Discounts are available for Groups of 4 and above.

aventuro - HIGHLANDER Lake District Festival
HIGHLANDER Lake District, UK 2023

Beyond the Trails

HIGHLANDER goes beyond hiking, with a rich programme of educational and environmental lectures and workshops, entertainment, food, beverages, and so much more!

“As for the supplementary activities, our program will feature educational and environmental lectures covering topics such as navigation, first aid, waste-disposal, and more. Additionally, participants can take advantage of a gear repair station and lecture, enjoy the services of a masseuse, groove to a live band, participate in a cooking class, engage in yoga and stretching sessions, listen workshop from a confidence and transformation coach, and much more.” 

A loyal advocate for the “Leave No Trace” philosophy, HIGHLANDER encourages sustainable practices among participants, aiming for a zero-waste footprint and fostering a deep respect for nature. Through initiatives like waste reduction, the use of sustainable materials, and collaboration with environmental organisations, HIGHLANDER sets a standard for responsible outdoor adventure. 

“It is important to preserve nature for future generations. At our events, participants need to carry the trash with them. We are trying that our events are zero waste, avoiding plastics, encouraging people to come with collective transport, and using minimal branding. The plan in 2024 is to be a member of the 1% for the Planet initiative. In the US, we are cooperating with the Responsible Stewardship organization, whose principle is „Erase the trace“, which is very important because our participants are picking the litter from nature and cleaning the tracks. The participant who collects the biggest amount of trash gets free registration for the next year.” – Mauro Kalcic

At the heart of HIGHLANDER is its community – a diverse group of individuals from diverse backgrounds, united by a shared love for adventure and a commitment to environmental stewardship. This sense of belonging, mutual support, inspiration and companionship on the journey of exploration and self-discovery is what makes the HIGHLANDER experience truly special. 

Should you prefer solitude, the event offers an ideal environment for acquiring new skills and applying them within the natural beauty of the Lake District.

aventuro - HIGHLANDER Lake District Festival
HIGHLANDER Lake District, UK 2023

Why HIGHLANDER Chose adventuro

Our paths crossed with HIGHLANDER at the Kendal Mountain Festival, where an instant connection was forged. Both adventuro and HIGHLANDER are driven by a passion for adventure and a desire to create meaningful experiences. This partnership reflects our shared vision and commitment to offering adventures that are not just about reaching new heights but also about building a community that cherishes the journey as much as the destination.

The partnership between adventuro and HIGHLANDER is more than just a collaboration; it’s a celebration of the adventurous spirit that lives within each of us.

aventuro - HIGHLANDER Lake District Festival
HIGHLANDER Lake District, UK 2023

Embrace the Challenge

We invite you to join an adventure like no other. Discover more about the HIGHLANDER Lake District festival and secure your spot through adventuro.

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or new to the trails, this is an opportunity to challenge yourself, connect with like-minded adventurers, and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Join us in the Lake District for an experience that promises not just to test your limits but to expand your horizons.

Don’t miss out on HIGHLANDER – Adventure of a Lifetime!

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