Kitesurfing in Rhosneigr Wales

Kitesurfing in the UK: 9 Spots to Make You Go ‘Cor Blimey!

Ah, the grand old sport of kitesurfing, where you get to combine the grace of a bird, the agility of a dolphin, and the occasional faceplant of a drunk uncle at a wedding. If you fancy giving it a go, or you’re a seasoned pro looking for a new playground, the UK’s got you covered like a chip shop’s got vinegar. Here are our favourite spots for Kitesurfing in the UK

1. Hayling Island, Hampshire

Kitesurfing hayling island

Level: Anyone from ‘What’s a kite?’ to ‘Watch this sick jump, dude!’

Hayling Island has winds as reliable as a Swiss watch and beaches as expansive as your Nan’s Sunday roast. Perfect for learning the ropes or showing off your skills.

Conditions: Best wind directions are S, SW, W, NW, and N. At low tide, a shallow lagoon appears, perfect for beginners or mermaid sightings.

Best Spot for Lunch: For a top-notch meal, pop into The Ship Inn. With waterfront views and local ales, it’s like heaven but with more chips.

2. Rhosneigr, Wales

Level: Again, all levels. Welsh dragons welcome too.

This cosy village boasts wide sandy beaches and a friendly local dragon population. Perfect for beginners and pros.

Conditions: The spot’s good for all wind directions, except if it’s blowing a gale from the East.

Best Spot for Lunch: The Oyster Catcher serves local fare. The lamb is so fresh; it practically baas at you.

3. Westward Ho!, Devon

Kitesurfing in Devon

Level: Intermediate to Advanced. Pirates looking to diversify their skill set also welcome.

Long sandy beach, check. Rolling Atlantic waves, check. A name that sounds like an enthusiastic cowboy, check.

Conditions: Big spring tides can churn up some serious surf. Not for the faint-hearted.

Best Spot for Lunch: For a pirate-sized meal, The Pier House is the place to be. Just don’t mention you’re into water sports; they might make you walk the plank.

4. St. Ives Bay, Cornwall

Kitesurfing in Cornwall

Level: From ‘Where’s the remote?’ to ‘Where’s the next big wave?’

Cornwall, known for pasties, pirates, and Poldark, is also a hidden gem for kitesurfing. St. Ives Bay, with its sweeping sandy beaches, is the place to be.

Conditions: The beach works on all tides and wind directions, except when the wind’s got an East in it.

Best Spot for Lunch: The Badger Inn in Lelant. Try their Cornish pasty; it’s like a meal you can hold in your hand!

5. Aberdovey, Wales

Kitesurfing in Wales

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Aberdovey has a beach as long as a well-told yarn, and winds as consistent as Aunt Mavis’s fruitcake. Ideal for learners.

Conditions: Works best with S, SW, and W winds. The flat, shallow water at low tide is excellent for beginners, or if you fancy a quick paddle.

Best Spot for Lunch: The Penhelig Arms, where you can get your fill of local seafood and ‘oggy’ (that’s Welsh for pasty!).

6. Exmouth, Devon

Kitesurfing in Exmouth

Level: Anyone from ‘I can’t even fly a kite’ to ‘I was born on a surfboard.’

Exmouth has everything you could want for kitesurfing – sandy beaches, steady winds, and a fair chance of encountering a seagull with attitude.

Conditions: The spot is good in SW, W, and NW winds. Low tide offers large shallow areas, perfect for beginners or those afraid of the deep blue sea.

Best Spot for Lunch: The Point Bar & Grill. Get yourself some fish and chips, and just try to keep the seagulls away.

7. Troon, Scotland

Kitesurfing in Troon Scotland

Level: From ‘Och, what’s this all about then?’ to ‘Watch me soar, Jimmy!’

Troon, nestled on Scotland’s west coast, has seven miles of sandy beach, and a climate that’s perfect for cultivating a strong ‘can-do’ attitude.

Conditions: Works best in W, NW, and N winds. The flat water at Barassie Beach is excellent for those still finding their sea legs.

Best Spot for Lunch: Scotts at Troon Yacht Haven. The views are as good as the seafood.

8) Wallasey, Merseyside: No Need to Sing “Ferry ‘Cross the Mersey”

Kitesurfing in Merseyside

Level: Intermediate to Advanced Kiters

Getting There: Nestled on the north coast of the Wirral Peninsula, Wallasey is a comfortable drive away from Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham. If you’re in London, catching a train is your best bet. The area is well-connected, and there’s ample parking on the beachfront.

Conditions: With a massive tidal range and a healthy dose of wind, Wallasey provides prime kitesurfing conditions. The west-facing New Brighton beach offers fantastic flat water conditions during the high tide. If you can handle gusts, the Irish Sea breeze will offer you an exciting challenge.

Best Spot for Lunch: After working up an appetite on the water, mosey on down to Marino Lounge. Their hearty brunches are the stuff of local legend. And you know what they say, “Eggs Benedict and kitesurfing, the perfect pair.”

Scene and Seen: With Liverpool’s iconic skyline across the river, Wallasey is no slouch when it comes to the views. Keep an eye out for the interesting mix of modern and Victorian architecture. And remember, Paul McCartney wrote ‘Ferry Cross the Mersey’ not far from here, so you’re in good company.

9) Walney Island, Cumbria: Where the Wild Things Are

Kitesurfing Cumbria Walney Island

The Ideal Spot For: Beginners to Intermediate Kiters

Getting There: Located on the western coast of Cumbria, Walney Island is a bit more off the beaten track. The nearest big cities are Manchester and Liverpool, both about two hours drive away. From London, take the train to Barrow-in-Furness and then a short drive across Jubilee Bridge.

Conditions: Wind conditions here are as reliable as your mum’s Sunday roast. Walney Island gets consistent wind from the Irish Sea and offers large sandy beaches that are ideal for beginners. At low tide, you’ll find a large expanse of flat water – perfect for your first body drags.

Best Spot for Lunch: After battling the elements, head over to the locally loved Chequers Cafe for a robust sandwich or a traditional English breakfast. Remember, calories don’t count if you’ve been kitesurfing.

Scene and Seen: With the impressive South Walney Nature Reserve to the south, wildlife sightings are commonplace. From seals lounging about on the beach to rare birds soaring in the sky, it’s like a David Attenborough documentary brought to life. Not too shabby for a day’s kitesurfing, eh?

So there you have it, seven of the UK’s finest kitesurfing spots. So grab your kite, your board, and your sense of adventure, and go forth to conquer those waves!

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