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How My Sailing Trip Turned into a Round the World Expedition

Everything stuffed into dry bags, squished into a holdall and that’s it! You are packed and set to go on your first major ocean crossing.

Sleeping bag ✔️
Foulies (wet weather gear) ✔️
Head Torch  ✔️
Spare Batteries  ✔️
Waterproof Socks ✔️
…and all the other items on the well-thumbed packing list carefully checked off for the umpteenth time.

After all the preparation it’s finally time to head off to meet the skipper and crew onboard.

Nervous butterflies in your stomach.

Will I like the people?

Will they like me?

Have I remembered my knots and all the things I learnt about how to sail, or I haven’t sailed before?

Will the skipper be patient and teach me what to do?

Can I remember the names of the clouds, the engine checks…….



Wavy sail sailing trips

It’s time to see the yacht that will be your home for the next couple of weeks, time to see the bunk that will be your refuge when off watch, and the crew who will become your watch buddies and closest friends.

For many, the thought of being onboard for days on end, not being able to see close friends and family, not being able to interact on social media, might be a scary thought. For me, even though I love my people onshore, the call of the ocean is always there. The simplicity of life onboard once you get into the watch system and understand the routine pleasures of Eat Sleep Sail Repeat, it is like a drug.

Each day the same but always different. The weather is always changing and by watching the clouds and feeling the wind you learn to read its patterns. The ocean is sometimes smooth and silky like a luxurious satin bedsheet and sometimes raging and determined to get inside your bones. The sky seems so much bigger with no land interrupting the view, sometimes so dark the stars shine on maximum power and the milky way is uninterrupted from horizon to horizon. Sometimes, the moon is so bright that you can read by its light.

The first few days of an ocean crossing with a new boat, skipper and crew can feel overwhelming, especially for those who might feel a touch of the green monster inside. But soon after, your body falls into the pattern of the watches and moves with the motion of the waves, and the monster moves on. All the worries melt away.

Yes, you can remember how to tie a bowline and trim a head sail and if you didn’t know these things before you do now, as a patient skipper and crew mates each support one another. It’s the sailor’s way, sharing knowledge and skills. So much time to chat and get to know each other. There is time to tweak a sheet here, let out a line there and feel how the boat reacts.

With Ocean Crossings there is so much more time than in Day Sailing, where most of the day is taken up with getting in and out of marinas and negotiating shoreline hazards. With Ocean Crossings, you head off watch and crawl, shattered, into your bunk, to sleep a sound, satisfied sleep, feeling the motion of the boat, listening to the creaks and squeaks of the sails and resting until your next watch. There’s time to eat a simple meal – often something you might turn your nose up onshore – but onboard even the simplest fare is delicious.

Occasionally things can, and will, go awry. Sails rip, lines get tangled, water gets where water shouldn’t get, stuff breaks, the weather turns, people get tired and grouchy, but all this adds to the adventure and the challenge. It all adds to the huge sense of achievement when you overcome each obstacle and complete the trip.

If it was too easy, all sunsets and dolphins, where is the adventuro in that?!

From Atlantic Crossing to Round-The-World Race

If you have never thought about crossing an ocean, I recommend that you at least think about it. I did!

I was about to turn 50 and had never really sailed before, I needed to do something a bit different, remind myself I was alive and that I was still the strong independent woman I could remember from my youth.

The Clipper Round the World Race pins itself as “one of the biggest challenges of the natural world and an endurance test like no other”. With no previous sailing experience necessary before signing up for the intensive training programme, it’s a record-breaking 40,000 nautical mile race around the world on a 70-foot ocean racing yacht. The route is divided into eight legs and between 13 and 16 individual races including six ocean crossings. You can choose to complete the full circumnavigation or select one or multiple legs.

I signed up to Leg One, a trip across the Atlantic, and ended up sailing around the world. I haven’t looked back since. Over 50,000 miles of ocean sailing and I’m always on the lookout for more. 

Around the world sailing trip

How I’ve Turned My Passion into a Job I Love – You Can Join Me on the Water!

I now help to run Wavysail which runs incredible ocean adventures in small groups with the world’s leading skippers.

We have some amazing trips from shorter intro trips to ocean crossings.

And we have partnered with adventuro, which means you can book onto our trips with them today!

Sail Croatia – 7-Day Sailing Masterclass

We warmly invite you to set sail from the lively and picturesque city of Split, the perfect backdrop for our shared adventure. Prepare to embark on a hands-on sailing journey under the expert tutelage of Guy, fresh off his exhilarating voyage in the Golden Globe race.

This experience is more than just a trip; it’s a comprehensive masterclass in sailing. You’ll plunge headfirst into every facet of the seafaring life, from passage planning and provisioning, to steering this magnificent yacht through the sparkling seas. We believe in learning by doing, and there’s no better classroom than the open water.

This is ideal for sailors at any level – especially novices looking to learn.

Sail the Scottish Isles – 10 Day Trip

The perfect combination of Bucket List sailing and sights, with the opportunity for some real adventure sailing including a long passage to visit the UNESCO heritage site at St Kilda!

This is ideal for those with some prior sailing experience.

Epic Voyage to St Helena – Cross the South Atlantic Ocean from Cape Town

Embark on an extraordinary voyage that goes far beyond the ordinary.

You’ll not only sail across the majestic ocean but also gain the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and execute a major ocean crossing. Guided by our seasoned skipper and first mate, this journey is a blend of hands-on sailing and immersive exploration.

Our epic adventure is divided into two distinct legs, offering the flexibility to join either segment, or for those with a daring spirit, the entire round trip.

Both legs include approximately five days of exploration on the enchanting St Helena Island, with cosy island accommodation included in your package.

Sailing Adventures - Scotland
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